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Creative types--of all kinds--are always welcome to our space, so you never know who you'll meet when you stop in.  So far, we've had those listed below visit.  We post a sampling of artists in residence to our YouTube Channel, so please subscribe HERE and stop in for a free cup of coffee or tea soon.

In Case You Missed These...

If you missed MEF GANNON showing off her sewing, beading, and jewelry making skills, a video sample is HERE

If you missed "An Eye For Abstraction: Learning the Language of Abstract Art with CLAUDINE LUCHSINGER", a YouTube sampling of the event is HERE

If you missed NICK ROES live jam, a link to a playlist of his music is HERE

We're hard at work on a video of highlights of Susan Miiller's The History and Future of Plein Air Painting. Stay tuned.

January 19

Nick Roes will be writing a song, singing, or drawing an album cover from 1 -3 PM.  Join him to sing along, offer suggestions, or just sit back and watch.

February 23

From 10 AM to 2 PM, visit with abstract artist Claudine Luchsinger, MFA, for "An Eye For Abstraction".  It's an informal discussion on how to interpret and appreciate abstract art.  

April 27

Mef Gannon will be showcasing both her art quilting and beading skills, and you're invited to watch or join in the fun from 11 - 2 PM.

June 2

Susan Miiller will be creating in oil from 11 AM - 3 PM.

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