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Artists Market Community Center offers time and space to artists, poets, musicians, and performers, to spend a day away from their usual environment and obligations, so you can see them in action.  We’ve scheduled some of the most talented and popular artists in the area, and you can feel free to watch, ask questions, heckle, or participate! 

For a list of scheduled Artists in Residence CLICK HERE

AMCC also hosts many other events open to the public and free of charge.  For example, we host a free reception the first Saturday of every month, year round, with complimentary refreshments and a presentation related to the monthly theme.  Check them out below.


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The Art of Ancient Egypt

October 5, 2019   4 - 6 PM

The art of ancient Egypt has fascinated us for thousands of years.  It’s hard to believe that the Ancient Egyptian language had no word for art.  And we don’t know the name of a single Ancient Egyptian artist.  

That’s because the amazingly beautiful paintings, sculptures, masks, drawings, jewelry and other creations all had a functional purpose, often related to religion.  They were “commissioned” works, so thought to be the property of the one paying the commission, rather than the artist. 

There was no tradition of individual artistic expression; rather art served a wider purpose of preserving culture by giving it permanence.  For example, the bust of Nefertiti shown here has been a symbol of feminine beauty since it was first discovered 107 years ago.

Images of that bust of Nefertiti, and other examples of Ancient Egyptian artwork will be on display for a Celebration of Ancient Egyptian Art.  Prints of artwork, sculpture, and jewelry are featured in the display.  The reception will also include complimentary refreshments, an exhibition of creations by local artists, and a brief presentation on the art of Ancient Egypt.

The reception is scheduled for October 5, 2019, from 4 – 6 PM at the Artists’ Market Community Center, 114 Richardson Avenue, Shohola, PA, and the Exhibit will be up from September 21 through October 15.

This Event is sponsored by the Barryville Area Arts Association, and made possible with funding from the Robert L. Snyder Fund administered by the Greater Pike Community Foundation.

Murder and Mayhem Event

"Murder and Mayhem” is the theme of a Halloween celebration that includes artwork, deep conversation, complimentary refreshments, and readings from the latest works of two local authors.  Both books being featured cover dark topics and have been called “cringe worthy”, but that’s where the similarity ends.

Killing Time in the Catskills by Kevin Owen is the carefully researched, real-life story of Lizzie Halliday, whose crimes ranged from bigamy to multiple murders.  She was the first woman ever sentenced to death by electric chair.  Kevin will provide details on many of Lizzie's favorite pastimes, which included horse theft, arson, insurance fraud, and killing her husbands.

Anomalies: an offbeat alphabet by Paul Plumadore is a fantastical collection, with prints of original collages and dark poetry matched to each letter of the alphabet.  You’ll meet Sister Mary Jean Marie (who’s not the nun she’s supposed to be) and Doctor Proctor (who doesn’t do/ what other doctors do to you).  As explained in the preface:

“Each letter gets spent, as the reading embraces

The facts, the events, the acts and the spaces

Where darkness defines the light it encases.

The gist of this alphabet rests in those places.”

Both Paul and Kevin have agreed stay around after the Q & A for less formal conversation at our after party.  This free event is taking place at Artists’ Market Community Center, 114 Richardson Avenue, Shohola, PA on Sunday, October 27, 2019, at 2 PM.

The event sponsor, Barryville Area Arts Association, is grateful to the authors for participating in this event, to the local artists who have donated pieces to the “Macabre Art” exhibit, and to the John L. Snyder Fund, administered by the Greater Pike Community Foundation, for their financial support.


Click picture to ZOOMNative Americans of the Northeast

November 2--Presentation and exhibit on local Lenape history, and many of the 40 other Eastern Woodland tribes.  Pictured here is Lapowinsa, Chief of the Lenape, painted by Gustavus Hesselius in 1735.

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