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Artist Profile: Rebecca Bryant

     Rebecca, like her art, is a bit of a mystery.  It’s a reflection of her nomadic existence and her ability to adapt to any surroundings.  Her work is wholesome one minute, decadent the next.

Rebecca’s travels have taken her through New England, New York, the Deep South, and the Pacific Northwest.  She’s just now planting some roots in Florida, where she is an active member in sea turtle rescue and beach clean-ups.  Her free dives and snorkeling are fodder for her art, where sea shells and other sunken treasures are often incorporated into jewelry or other creations.

"I draw most of my inspiration from whatever is going on in my life at that exact moment.  Tomorrow? Well, that’s a whole other story!"

Rebecca is also a highly sought after tattoo designer whose designs never stop getting compliments.

Her official FaceBook Page is HERE

Price Range:

Rebecca’s widely diverse creations range from small change to small fortunes.    

Available at The Artists’ Market

     The Artists’ Market carries some of Rebecca's original art, prints, jewelry, and rain catchers.

"Break-Up" by Rebecca Esposito

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